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Color coated mirror aluminum circle

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Color coated mirror aluminum circle, suitable for lamps, aluminum ceilings, integrated suspended ceilings, nameplates, elevators and interior decorating and mirroring aluminum panels. Henan Signi Aluminum can provide fixed-size Kaiping, complete thickness specifications, Henan Signi Aluminum can provide H24 aluminum plate, H18 aluminum plate, H0 state mirror aluminum plate, and can provide samples users can proof.
The Color coated mirror aluminum circle produced by Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. has a thickness of 0.3-1.0mm. The reflectivity of the gold-silver mirror aluminum plate can reach around 85%. It is widely used in the lid of kitchen utensils. , Enrich product visual hierarchy, improve product grade and added value.
Henan Signi Aluminum’s Color coated mirror aluminum circle Product Range:

Alloy: 1100, 1060
Thickness: 0.3--1.0mm
Maximum diameter: 1000mm
Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.2mm
Treatment process: color-coated mirror
Surface: can be single-sided laminating, double-sided laminating
Product application range: kitchenware covers, home appliance panels, parts and accessories.

Color coated mirror aluminum circle

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