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lacquered aluminum mirror coil sheet

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The lacquered aluminum mirror coil sheet is a kind of mirror aluminum plate and strip product, which can be painted once after mechanical polishing to make the mirror aluminum coil have various colors and protect the mirror aluminum coil from oxidation.

lacquered aluminum mirror coil
At present, Signi Aluminum can provide a variety of lacquered aluminum mirror coil sheets, or produce and process mirror color aluminum plates with specific colors according to the user's requirements, and provide mirror aluminum plates with rich colors. These multi-color mirror aluminum plates can imitate copper and stainless steel, with high reflectivity, no scratch on the surface film, and the reflection rate is up to 85%. They are high-quality products of color mirror aluminum plates. 。 It can provide all kinds of color and thickness mirror aluminum coil in small batch, cut and level all kinds of long and wide products.
The lacquered aluminum mirror coil sheet has a layer of coating on its surface, which can protect the mirror surface and prolong the service life of the mirror aluminum coil. Our company's color mirror aluminum coil and aluminum plate have the advantages of low price (compared with imported products), low starting volume and high reflective rate, which are widely used in the construction and decoration industry.

Henan Signi Aluminum Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of lacquered aluminum mirror coil sheetl and lacquered aluminum mirror coil sheet products, which have the advantages of low price and short delivery time. Welcome to consult.

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