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mirror pebble embossed aluminum sheet for light reflector

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Mirror pebble embossed aluminum sheet is made of mirror aluminum anodized substrate, and its surface is densely covered with embossing of bean size, with strong astigmatism effect and reflectivity up to 86%. It is widely used in lighting and decoration industries.
Application scope:
Electronic shell, furniture, kitchen, automobile decoration, sign, packing case and bag, solar energy field
Lighting fixture, interior decoration, integrated ceiling, exterior wall decoration, home appliance panel, LED aluminum base plate

Mirror pebble embossed aluminum sheet
Technical parameter of mirror pebble embossed aluminum sheet
Total reflectivity: 86% diffuse reflectivity: ≤ 12%
Specular reflectance: 80% tensile strength: 125N / mm2
Yield strength: 105N / mm2 elongation: ≥ 2%
Hardness: h18 rainbow: 2
Corrosion resistance: standard 5% NaCl salt spray test for more than 167 hours
Packing of mirror pebble embossed aluminum sheet:
Coil: packed in upright wooden pallet. Outer fiberboard packaging, suitable for domestic land transportation.
Board: packed in wooden box or pallet.
Our company has the stock all the year round, can provide the small sample experiment, also can open the package slice, the longitudinal shear, the stamping and so on processing.
Henan Signi Aluminum is professional on mirror pebble embossed aluminum sheet, which is widely used for light reflector, which is widely used for many famous lighting manufacturers.

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