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Architecture Mirror Aluminum Sheet

Architecture Mirror Aluminum Sheet
Architecture Polishing Aluminium Mirror Finish Aluminium Sheet

Anodizing is an electro-chemical process to modify the surface of aluminum to create a hard and durable ceramic layer that is corrosion and UV resistant. The anodized surface is transparent, retaining the metallic appearance, and can be combined with colouring to offer a wide range of colour options.

Anodized Aluminum Defies Comparison to Painter and Stainless Steel Materials

Correlation Testing
-Anodic layer test
Sealing test according to EN ISO 3210
Anodic layer thickness test according to EN ISO 2360

Gloss measurement
-Corrosion test
Neutral salt spray test in according with ISO 9227
Kesternich test(SO2 atmosphere)in according with ISO 6988
Weather resistance to DIN 50017
Continuity of the anodic layer according to ISO 2085

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