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Research on cold rolling process of aluminum alloy sheet and strip for mirror surface

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The surface brightness of mirror aluminum alloy products is close to or reaches the brightness of mirrors, the surface gloss is high, and the texture is fine. )Wait. Since this product is an aluminum alloy sheet and strip with ultra-high surface quality requirements, it is very difficult to research and develop this product. Some domestic aluminum rolling companies have also developed this product, but the effect is not satisfactory, mainly in the rough surface texture. , low gloss, and many surface quality defects.

Based on the existing tooling conditions in 2012, our company used a 1400mm cold rolling mill to conduct process research on the aluminum alloy sheet and strip for 1070 aluminum alloy mirror. Through process research, the difficult problems such as poor surface brightness, rough texture, and many surface quality defects have been gradually solved, so that our company can stably produce mirror aluminum products with high surface reflectivity, and the longitudinal gloss can be stably above 780GS, and the highest 820GS, to meet the needs of the domestic market, some products can be replaced

Imported mirror aluminum has broken the long-term dependence on imports of domestic high-grade mirror aluminum products, which is of great significance.
At present, 1070 aluminum alloy is the main aluminum alloy sheet and strip for mirror surface rolling, supplemented by aluminum alloys such as 3 series and 8 series. This technical scheme uses 1070 aluminum alloy as the test material. A 1450mm cold roughing mill is used to produce the billet pass and intermediate pass, and a 1400mm cold finishing mill is used to produce the product pass. Under the premise that the existing equipment for producing ordinary aluminum strips remains unchanged, through the control and adjustment of the 1450mm cold roughing mill and the 1400mm cold finishing mill work roll grinding and the 1400mm cold finishing mill rolling process, the production of high brightness and high quality can be achieved. Mirror aluminum purpose.

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